Vanadium Inhibitor WK-20GTC


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WK-20GTC is a Carboxylate base Vanadium Inhibitor which offers continuous high temperature corrosion protection in gas turbines operating on high ash-bearing fuels. It is normally used in heavy and residual-grade fuel oil and crude oil where the alkali trace metals (sodium and potassium) have been removed or reduced. WK-20GTC is essentially free of particulate matter and will form a stable solution when mixed with fuel. This fuel additive has also excellent performance with water tolerance and asphaltene suspension Heavy Fuel Oil.

WK-20GTC introduces magnesium into the fuel which reacts with vanadium during combustion to form high melting magnesium vanadates, thereby interrupting the catastrophic corrosion process associated with low melting points vanadates. WK-20GTC is normally used at treatment ratio of Mg/V=3.0 on a weight to weight basis; i.e.3 ppm magnesium per each ppm of vanadium in the fuel. Your gas turbine manufacturer should be consulted, however, and their recommended dosage ratio should be followed.

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